Flight of the Bluebird – out now!

Flight of the Bluebird, the second book in my Time Crystals series, has been released under the banner of Authors Reach.

The Time Crystals is a series of mystery adventures for young adults, set in my native county of Cornwall. In the first book, The Time Crystals, schoolgirl Clara Callenick discovers a time portal in an abandoned tin mine. She and her three friends – students at the fictional St Piran’s school – embark on an exciting, dangerous adventure with no less than the future of the world at stake.

The setting draws on my real-life experiences of growing up in Cornish tin and clay-mining villages, spending many happy hours playing among the abandoned ruins.

This new story takes place six months after the end of the first. It’s primarily a sci-fi fantasy, but also very much rooted in the real world, with the main characters navigating the usual problems of school and home life, as well as the challenges of fighting evil time travellers! Along the way there’s a fantastic, futuristic theme park, some ancient Egyptian mythology and a mystery involving outer space! It’s aimed at readers of 9 – 14, but would suit anyone who loves a good adventure with a battle between good and evil.

Here’s the blurb:

The holiday of a lifetime? Or a deadly trap?

Twelve-year-old Clara can finally relax. After the time travel adventure that nearly claimed her life, she’s thrilled to spend time as an ordinary schoolgirl. But when a mysterious benefactor awards a prize to her school for ten lucky recipients, everyone hopes to win the trip to the world-famous theme park—except Clara.

Sensing things other kids don’t, Clara’s instincts scream danger! But despite her warnings, her friends refuse to listen. And as she digs into a disappearance from a hundred years before, she’s certain something awful is afoot.

Can Clara uncover the truth before she and her schoolmates meet a terrifying fate?

My new book is currently available from Amazon for the special price of £1.99 for the ebook and £8.99 for the paperback. Also, to celebrate the launch, the ebook of the first novel in the series – The Time Crystals – is available from Amazon UK for just 99p until Wednesday 26th June (US promotion to follow soon). I’m grateful for all kinds of help I’ve received during the various processes, including detailed feedback from our very own Belinda, co-author of this blog. I’m really excited to finally get this book out there in the world.

The Time Crystals UK

Flight of the Bluebird UK

The Time Crystals US

Flight of the Bluebird US


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