Release Day for Seven Deadly Sins: Avarice!

Where does weakness end and evil begin?

I’m delighted to announce the release of the sixth edition in the Seven Deadly Sins series of anthologies for young adults. This volume is all about the nasty sin of Avarice, and my story is Easily Led.

Facing a bleak future, three school-leavers embark on a crazy plan. Is it the start of a big adventure, or will their greed send them hurtling towards disaster?

I loved writing this story and I’m proud to see it included alongside others from some great up-and-coming authors. I now have a story in each of the six volumes to date, and every time I’m incredibly impressed by the dedication and commitment of editor K.T. Stephens and her team, who work so hard to make sure each edition is the best it can possibly be.

UK edition

US edition


Avarice Cover

As with our other editions, I looked forward hugely to seeing what our cover designer (Luke Spooner of Carrion House) would come up with, and I love his take on the myth of the greedy magpie.

US edition

UK edition

Here’s a little more about the stories in this anthology:

A Greedy Alliance by Mae Baum

A thief and a ghost, each driven by greed, strike a deal. But will they get more than they bargained for?

The Cindy Lopez Scholarship Fund by Callie Bradford

When it comes to the pursuit of status, money can mean power. But what happens when the money is gone?


Aunt Clara’s Ghost by Susan Conner

The ghost of a teenage hoarder haunts a basement, yearning for someone to release her from eternal torment.

True Love Scars by Kassandra Flamouri

A high school girl must save her crush from his soul-slurping succubus of a girlfriend.


The Wild Card by Lai Fox

A twenty-dollar bill and a slot machine will change a family forever.


Pleonexia’s Labryinth by E.E. Green

When a witch beckons a prince and his servant down a twisting path of greed, they must decide if wealth outweighs life.


Playing the System by Sarah Hegerty

There’s no harm in a little creative fundraising to get something you really want, is there? Adam doesn’t think so.

Hungry Ghosts by Chris Kennedy

Welcome to The Clinic, where nothing is what it seems and a little cosmetic skill can hide a multitude of sins.

The Wolf’s Appetite by Tonia Markou

Devon steals a magical locket, which helps him fulfill all his dreams. Until it turns his life into a nightmare.


The Price of Everything by Geraldine McCarthy

Arianna gets her first summer job, but will earning money take over her life?


Major Trenton Saves the Day by C. P. Mulé

Miss Major Trenton, a superhero who protects the wondrous state of New Jersey, fights one of her most powerful foes.

Moonlight Calling by Yvette O’Kay

A dragon that has an ever-powerful need for more, thinks back on her most prized treasure.


Circus Curses by K.T. Stephens

Someone is stealing from the circus and Human Cannonball Aiden is the only one to stop them. If only his gypsy girlfriend’s mother hadn’t put him under a paralysis curse.

A Wildflower by M.J. Travis

How far will seventeen-year-old Jason Stymes go to obtain the mother he’s always wanted?

Ashworth Manor by Elle Turpitt

Desperate for money, Viv heads to the haunted Ashworth Manor, searching for treasure.


Fallen Angel by Robert Walton

I’m alone again, spider-balanced above an abyss, touched by shadow.

Avaritia’s Peak by D.A. Weaver

To come to terms with his past, a present-day gold prospector must face the legend of a mysterious mountain.

Survival by Daniel I Weaver

Some deals are too good to be true, but when you can’t say no, how far can you afford to push your luck?


All That Glitters by Madison Wheatley

Liv finds a gold coin that duplicates itself magically, but is unaware of its sinister, mind-corrupting power.


Secrets and Gold by Mari L. Yates

A king greedy for gold; a dragon greedy for revenge. Between them stands a once-beautiful princess longing for acceptance. Will they get what they wish for, or what they deserve?


I hope you enjoy this volume, the sixth in our series. All proceeds go to charity First Book



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